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Lovense has been making interactive sex toys for some time at this point, with most of their product line already on a second or 3rd generation and a product catalog that is starting to get to the large size. As a cam model for close to 10 years at this point, I have had my fair share of lovense toys. In this post we will focus on the newest toy in my collection. The Lovense Diamo, the lovense cock ring.

Lovense Diamo: The Marketing.

Lovense loves to make big promises when it comes to their marketing. Is the Lovense cock ring any different?

Let’s take a look at what they say about it.

Lovense Diamo cock ring -

Along with the basic features that lovense has become known for such as:

  • IPX7 Waterproofing
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Long Battery Life
  • USB Charging
  • Suitable for Public Play
  • Powerful Motors
  • Quiet And Discreet

The Lovense Diamo lovense cock ring also boasts something more interesting. The ability to mount it in a number of different ways.

With the ability to mount the Lovense cock Ring in a number of different ways comes the ability to stimulate different parts of the penis, or your partner during couples play. This is a unique feature when it comes to Lovense toys that has only been seen on the Lovense Diamo cock ring.

The Reality Of The Lovense Cock Ring

We will break the lovense diamo review down into multiple parts. Use the index below if there is a specific section you are interested in.

The Fit and Feel Of The Lovense Diamo.

I looked at a lot of reviews when I was deciding on whether or not to get the Lovense cock ring. The main thing I wanted to find out is if it stretches at all. Being a girthy guy the last thing I wanted was to order it and end up with a paperweight since I was right on the borderline of if it would fit.

A bunch of reviews I found said that it was very flexible, that didnt seem right given my experiance with previous lovense toys. As it would happen a member on Stripchat bought the Diamo for me.

For me personally it was a tight fit. There is no stretch at all as the silicone it is made out of is very ridged. Over the week I have found there is a “best way” at least for me to get it on comfortably. I found the best way to do this was to pull the ball sack through, and then push the testicles through one at a time and then try and squeeze the shaft of the penis through. The only way you are going to get it on is when your penis is soft because you need the flexibility to be able to thread it in.

Once it is on then it is very comfortable to ware, after a couple of minutes it’s not even noticeable and you will forget its even there.

The Comfort Of The Lovense Diamo.

In their marketing they say that it is comfortable for long periods of time. After wearing it for multiple hours at a time (sometimes 10-12 hours). I have to agree, It dosnt start to feel heavy because of the motor and dosnt become annoying while walking. There really arnt any issues when it comes to spending full days in it.

The Vibration Of The Lovense Cock Ring.

As has become the norm with lovense toys the vibration range goes from you can barly feel it all the way to paint shaker. The lovense cock ring is no different. at the lower levels it is northing more than a little tickle. At the high levels you will feel those vibrations in your pelvis.

Battery Life On The Lovense Diamo.

As a full time cam model, the battery life of toys is very important. The last thing you want is for a toy to die in the middle of a show. This fortunately is not an issue with the Lovense Diamo, it easily lasts well above it’s advertised range, after 2 days of use I have barely dropped the battery indicator at all. So all day play shouldn’t really be much of an issue unless you turn the vibration on and just leave it until the battery is flat. The vibration amount and the length of time you have it vibrating for will obviously effect the battery life you can get out of it, but in normal usage all day shouldn’t be an issue.

Noise Levels Of The Lovense Cock Ring.

One of the big selling points of all the lovcnse toys is their outdoor play. They claim their toys are quiet enough to be used discreetly in public. The Lovense Diamo is quiet, but if you are sitting on something solid, especially plastic, like say a chair at a cafe the vibrations will carry through the chair and it will be noticeable by everyone around you.

The Lovense Diamo Packaging.

The outer packaging of the Lovense Diamo cock ring is as discreet as you would expect from any adult toy store. The outer packaging is nothing more than a brown unmarked cardboard box that just has the shipping label. The retail box for the toy its self is much like any other lovense product, plain, simple, and not much larger than it needs to be. The toy is supported by a foam insert to prevent it from shaking around and getting damaged. The charger is contained in a box at the base of the foam and the additional instructions and storage pouch is stored under the foam insert.

The Hidden Features Of The Lovense Diamo.

There a a bunch of things that the lovense Diamo (and other lovense toys) can do that are not included in their marketing materials.

  • Link Your Lovense Diamo To A Cam Model
  • Games Compatibility
  • Video Compatibility
  • Lovense Spotify Integration

Link Your Lovense To A Webcam model.

Through their vibe with me extention models can give their members the chance to feel what they feels, with each tip setting off everyones toy that is connected to the models extention through the models vibe with me qr code.

Lovense is also beta testing their own mobile browser where certain sites will auto sync your connected toy to the model allowing the user to feel the vibration from the tips without the model needing to set up vibe with me. This might get shut down as it is sure to spark some backlash from models. Generally models arnt a fan of their cam site members getting off for free as it has a negative effect on their income. It does also have the chance to increase model revenues if members that are using this browser tip towards the show goals and to get their vibe (and everyone who is using the browser or connected through vibe with me) to go off. How this is used will directly impact whether lovense pulls the browser or not as the majority of their sales comes from live webcam models.

Review on the Lovense Mobile Browser coming soon.

Lovense Cock Ring Compatible Games.

Another feature that Lovense dont really talk about is their integration with some games. I tried out the lovense integration with An adult RPG game. The experiance was good. So good infact that it had me wanting a VR setup for full immersion into the game. It’s defiantly an area that shows promise. Unfortunately since Lovense does not really promote this feature, finding games that are compatible is difficult at best.

Lovense Diamo Video Integration.

In the mobile browser they also say that your lovense toys can now react to compatible videos. I am not sure if this feature is live or still in development as I was unable to find any videos that had this integration enabled.

I’ll be dropping an email over to lovense later this week to find out how the Lovense integration can be integrated into the KingMarti Videos.

If the game experiance is anything to go by, these features could be what pushes me over the edge (pun indented) into buying a VR headset to complete the immersion experiance.

Lovense Spotify Integration.

To connected your lovense to spotify you need a spotify premium account. Unfortunately I dont have one so was unable to test the Lovense Diamo’s integration with spotify. I assume it works the same as the music feature where it will attempt to vibrate in time with the music and try to match its intensity. I did test out the music feature and it was proberly my least favorite feature, it’s not that there is anything wrong with it. It just lacked what the other features offered. One thing that is worth noting though is that the lovense app requires access to the microphone to use the music feature. Which is strange because even with the volume muted it works as expected meaning that it is not using the microphone to control the vibrations. This does bring up the question of why is access to the microphone even required?

Is The Lovense Diamo Lovense Cock Ring Worth Buying?

As someone who was on the fence about getting the lovense cock ring. If that is you too then at this point I can only recommend it. It delivers what was promised and then some. It’s a very different experiance to other lovense products, so if you like having your balls tickled or vibrated to hell and back then I would say its worth the shot.

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