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One of the questions I get most often is how and why did I become a webcam model. This is the story of how that happened.

Originally from the UK and visiting Romania on vacation pretty regularly I had a more active social life in Romania than I did in the UK. So I knew already that I wanted to move here, I just didn’t know what I was that I would do to be able to provide for myself at the time. I already knew about webcam modeling and most of the friends I had were either active or retired models at the time.

I knew that would always be an option but I was trying to get a career in IT. I was never sure which area of IT that I wanted to go into, it’s such a wide and varied sector and I have always liked to keep things in my work pretty varied. I always found doing the exact same thing every day took all the enjoyment out of it and ultimately killed my passion for it. At this time I had worked professionally as a graphic designer, designing greetings cards and wrapping paper that had been outsourced from Disney and Hallmark, I had previously been a freelance web developer, a computer technician, an eBay power seller and a lot of other things in between. Through all of this there was one thing that I was sure of, I didn’t want to spend every day doing just one of those things, I liked doing little bits of everything (except for being the eBay power seller, that was an absolutely amazing experience at the time, but came to an abrupt end when PayPal suspended my account and wiped my account history telling me that I had only made the account a few days before I contacted them to ask what happened to all the funds in the account)

The more I looked into camming the more I saw all the different things I could do, I would be in control of working on what I wanted. The only thing that was holding me back at that point was confidence. Before I became KingMarti, I was the guy who didn’t even have the confidence to take his top off at the beach, it’s certainly a big jump to go from that to Getting naked on the internet. I remember I was talking to one of my friends who was an active model at the time, she had told me that her boyfriend had suggested that she try camming as he thought it would boost her confidence in her appearance since realistically the only people that come to your room are people that find your particular body type attractive. When she told me this it made a lot of sense, people who have confidence issues in their appearance generally assume that people are going to judge them in a negative manner, so I could see how having a room of people weather it be 5 people or 500 people would in fact help with someones self confidence. That was pretty much the moment I knew that it was something I wanted to do, being in a job where you have your confidence raised instead of torn down like in the customer service jobs I had worked was super appealing and that coupled with being able to mix in all the things I love but not having to do it to the point of hating it such as graphic design and web design was another huge plus. The more I thought about it the more I felt like it was the perfect fit for me.

The only problem at this point was I lived in the UK, the UK’s living cost is one of the highest in the world and I knew that if I wanted to give myself the best chance of success I needed to drastically lower my cost of living further than what was possible in the UK. With nothing holding me in the UK and a general overall dislike for the country anyway I was set, I would move to Romania, but I still needed to get some kind of plan in place to help me be more stable during the transition.

Through another model friend of mine, she put me in contact with one of her members, he was opening a bar here in Romania and with me previously working in bar kitchens and as a bar manager, when he told her that he was going to need to find someone to help him run it because he basically had no idea what he was doing she suggested he hire me. So that was that, I had a job lined up that was going to give me a low set wage, enough to cover my basic living costs and that also included accommodation, and then I would be able to cam to make some extra money on the side until I was done there and had enough to get my own place and start camming full time. I sold off almost everything I own except for my laptop, and =one of my guitars gave up my apartment and booked my flights.

It didn’t all go to plan…When I arrived at what was meant to be his bar, I knew within seconds that this was never going to work. Instead of renting a bar, he had rented an office space and thought he would turn the outside into a bar, he just needed to build it. If done right then maybe it would have worked out, an outside bar, some BBQ’s for food, but the area where he had rented was not ideal and there wasn’t enough foot traffic around to be able to make it work. Three months pass of showering outside in the winter, waiting for him to start working and get his bar ready and not a single thing got done. Then one day I wake up and he’s not there, after 2 days he comes back, he said he had gone camping in the woods, He has run out of money and was going back to his country but the rent had been paid for another month so I had that time to work out what I was going to do. Later that day he left and an hour later I get a call from the building owner, I had 15 minutes to pack up my stuff and get out as I didn’t have a contract with him and apparently the guy who had told me I had another month there to be able to work out what to do hadn’t paid him in months.

I was in a panic, freaking out since there was no bar, there was no wage, I had been living off the money from selling off everything I owned and making little trades online where I could to make some extra cash up, turns out the internet package he had was not good enough to be able to cam from with the wireless dropping out all the time. At this point I had maybe 200 euros left. I called my friend who had introduced me to him, hoping that since she wouldn’t be in the panicked state that she would be able to think more clearly and help me come up with a solution. She did, she gave me the address of a hostel since she worked from home and having me stay there would have meant she want able to work, it was the cheapest hostel she could find and it would be the place I came to call home for the next 4 months.

Living in the hostel was great, it was the first time I had lived with other people (it seems funny now that the first time I live with other people we were 10 to a room). but they had some other long term guests and volunteers that would normally stay for a month or so. I had tried to get the owner to let me take some shifts on reception after the first month in exchange for my bed to try and slow down the the cash burn while I tried working out what I was going to do to make some cash, At this time I knew that a lot of the girls worked in studios but they were always female only studios, I had never heard of a male studio so wasn’t even sure it was a thing and camming from a 10 bed dorm was certainly not possible. I was already covering people when they had to run around, showing guests their rooms or went to take a break so figured that would be my best option. It seems as though I had shot myself in the foot by helping out since I wasn’t really doing anything when people asked me to cover them since the owner seemed content in stringing me along saying maybe next week I can get an actual shift to cover my bed for the next few days. It never happened.

After about 6 weeks at the hostel I heard from a friend that one of the studios she worked for was opening a make studio, finally I had caught a break. I applied, went in for my interview and they were so excited to have me work for them because it gave them something that no other studio had…A Bear. I worked at the studio every day for the next 2 months, in a tiny room with no air conditioning and studio lights that would heat the room up so much that I would start to feel sick. There were a lot of promises that were made when I joined the studio and they didn’t stick to a single one, that coupled with my admin taking control of my key bored and speaking in broken English trying to book shows I was not happy doing instead of doing a show with a member that I had previously done shows with I quickly stated to loose traffic since it became so obvious what he was doing. After their admin / trainer had started to loose me money I spoke to the manager of the studio, I told her that I can no longer continue working there as the studio is meant to be working with me to help make earn more (which was in their best interest too) and what was happening instead was that every time that admin had been working I had ended up loosing shows and effectively loosing not just money that day but future shows as well.

When I left the studio I had made enough to rent an apartment, and decided I would cam full time from home on Chaturbate. When I moved into the apartment they told me it would be 3 days before the internet was on, that was fine, 3 days not working wasn’t the end of the world, however 3 days quickly became 5 weeks as the landlord had decided to go on vacation before getting the internet set up at the apartment. I spent the rest of my time at that apartment chasing rent money, when I had got the apartment the agent had told me it was the only one that was available (I knew it was bullshit but at this point I was sick of looking and needed to find something that day otherwise I would have to pay for more time at the hostel which would eat into the money I had to get an apartment) so reluctantly I took it. It was a nice enough place but I knew the price of the rent and the bills would mean I would be struggling to get everything paid, that coupled with how long it took to get the internet installed meant I only lived there for a few months before one bad period meant I couldn’t afford to pay the rent that month and quickly had to move.

After having such a nice apartment my next apartment was a bit of a shock, it was half the price so that meant that I should have no issues in being able to pay the rent. At this point that was pretty much all I cared about, I just wanted some kind of stability for a while where I wasn’t constantly having to work out if I am going to be able to pay the rent each month. It was a basement apartment, with no windows and no airflow, but I stayed there for the better part of a year until the owner decided every month the rent would be just a little bit more than the previous month. With that some friends helped me find a new apartment, this time on the ground floor, I was moving up in the world, excited to have windows, and daylight and fresh air again. I continued to work on chaturbate and stated producing videos to go along with it. The owner hadn’t wanted to rent to am immigrant again after a bad experience with the previous tenant. My friend signed the paperwork and rented it in her name , of course it didn’t take long for the owner to notice that I was living there instead of the girl she had rented the apartment to but she got the rent on time and all the bills were paid so while she didn’t like it she didn’t want to have to go through the effort of finding someone who may have been less reliable on getting things paid. after about 9 months there, things started to get a bit screwy, the cost of my electric was more than 4x what it was in previous months which didn’t make sense to me, the only electrics I would run in the house was my laptop and my cam lights and the general stuff like washing machine and coffee maker etc. But there was nothing that had changed from the time of me moving in so there was no explanation of why it had suddenly shot up in price. My theory was that she had the electric company adding her electric onto my bill. With the utilities now costing more than the rent, it was once again time to move, the fact that I had been paying so much for the months previous had shown me that I could afford to spend a little more on my rent, get a 2 room apartment instead of a 1 room apartment and still probably be better off than I was in the last few months at the previous apartment. So that’s where we are now, still camming on chaturbte, still making videos now running a fan club and a pornhub page, with a merch line coming out in the next few months as well as starting up a mens underwear site, a youtube channel and a blog.

Hopefully I can keep things around here a little more stable and we can start going for some awards this year and get over to AVN in Las Vegas for 2021.

So there we have it, the tale of how KingMarti was born.

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